Pan American Airways to revive the Pan Am brand with Boeing 737-800s

Pan Am (4th) 737-800 WL (Pan Am)(LR)

Pan American Airways Global Holdings, Inc. (New York) is the parent holding company of six brands of the Pan American family.

The would-be paper airline wants to revive the Pan Am name and brand. If it does, it will be the fourth version using the venerable name.

On April 5 the company issued this statement:

Pan American Airways is pleased to announce that it has completed formal selection of aircraft for it’s planned launch early this summer to include the Boeing 737-800 models, with upgrades to the NexGen later as service needs develop.

In late March of 2014, Pan American entered into discussions with an undisclosed lessor that is well positioned to support Pan Am’s growth strategy within the southern tier markets, and have ratified formal agreements through an issued LOI early Friday, and will be supported with a signed Purchase Agreement once aircraft delivery is ready to proceed.

Senior executives close to these negotiations continue to monitor the formal delivery of these aircraft, as certain criterion need to be met in order to deliver the specified flying experience that the brand wishes to extend to its audience.

Pan American is committed to delivering a top flight level of service that was once enjoyed by many worldwide, and those expectations will be extended into the new 21st century business model, as we continue to proceed with our plans to launch early, to mid-summer of this year.

In other Pan American news, crew selections will begin early to mid-next week for both in-flight attendants, as well as needed Captains and First Officers, and will be formally addressed through the appropriate department heads from each section through upcoming published releases to be issued to the public. However, those that wish to apply formally online may do so by submitting their respective resume’s via our online source through

According to the company, “Pan American strives to be the industry-leading provider of safe, clean, reliable and cost-efficient air service. Pan American Global aircraft will deploy under our network brands as well as our wholly owned subsidiaries of Blue Sky Airlines and P21 Air.”

Images: Pan American Airways.

Pan Am (4th) logo

15 thoughts on “Pan American Airways to revive the Pan Am brand with Boeing 737-800s

  1. Liz Lindsay

    This never was and never will be Pan Am. From – In 2012, Pan American Airways Global Holdings was incorporated. This is the sixth attempt to resurrect the Pan Am brand. The new airline plans to offer both domestic and international service, branded under the auspices of Pan American Global Airways, and initially is planning a main hub facility situated in Atlanta, Georgia.

  2. sam

    poor Pan Am. Here it goes again. Eastern is returning as well. I don’t think Pan Am could every duplicate the Pan Am of the forties, fifties and sixties, early seventies.

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  4. Matt

    to touch on what Sam said. I don’t think it’s that Pan Am could duplicate the Pan Am of the 40’s, I think it’s more that the market won’t support it. Passengers don’t want to pay the price it would cost to fly to the levels of the golden era. I work for an airline now and I see it every day. People baulk at paying $3 for chips. The level of service that Pan Am delivered in the golden era would cost well over $1,000 per roundtrip from coast to coast.

    1. Bruce Drum Post author

      I think you are correct Matt. I do not think the 4th version of “Pan Am” will be anything like the original. They hope to trade again on the name but that “Golden Age” is long gone as you state. It is all about attractive low fares to get you interested and then next comes the add-ons (which add up) for almost everything. Thank you.


    1. Bruce Drum Post author

      They will have to go through the certification process unless they purchase an AOC from someone. This will take some time.

      Thank you.


  5. elmer j clinton

    they will not be able to replace the old PAN AM of the 40′, thru the 80’s as an ex employee it was a different at that time

  6. Bill Kraham

    I would like to see a return of actual clippers…………as a part of fleet. A bold move.

    I graduated as a Pilot in the Class of 43-I in USAAF Flying School.

  7. Brian Leadingham

    I’m convinced this is all a huge hoax. Their “Corporate Offices” are nothing but an answering service at 200 Park Avenue. And wasn’t “Blue Sky Airlines” the fictitious airline in the movie “Stewardess School”? The picture they use on their FaceBook page claims it is one of their employees atop 200 Park Avenue, but is in actuality taken from a book (no longer in print) produced by people who used to break into unused placed (“Invisible Frontier” – I posted as much on their Facebook page and was immediately blocked.

    This Pan Am’s image:
    The Original image:

    The only sources for information concerning this new “Pan Am” are the “press releases” (not published in any reputable mainstream publication by-the-way), and repeated on sites like this one without any followup investigation or in person interviews. In fact, none of them mention any “Executives” by name. That in itself is strange. Executives go out of their way to get their name in press.

    One more thing, the number on the side of the 737-800 is in fact a helicopter owned by Plymouth Copters INC, and not an airliner. (Source:

    1. Bruce Drum Post author

      Thank you Brian. All good information. As far as I know they have not yet applied for the FAA certification process.


    2. Bruce Drum Post author

      It looks like this new proposed use of the Pan Am name and logo will never happen. Their website has also now been closed down awaiting a new look.


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