“We’re going to hug the haters” as Spirit Airlines unveils its “Less Money, More Go” and its “Bare Fare” ad campaign

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Spirit Airlines (Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood) has unveiled a new “Bare Fare” ad campaign and logo to separate the ultra-low fare airline from the others (see the video above). The airline has embraced the “they like to complain about us, but they also like our low fares” mantra. Is this the future model for other carriers? The airline issued this statement:

Which airline’s total all-in fares are around 40% less* than other airlines? Which airline puts customers in charge of what they spend, so they only pay for what they value? Which airline’s unique unbundled way of flying has some customers frustrated, ticked-off and asking “WTF!” (Why The Fee)? The answer to all three questions is . . . Spirit Airlines. To clear things up, Spirit is committed to helping customers learn how to fly on Spirit, save money and go more places, more often: Less Money, More Go™.

“Spirit offers crazy low fares by providing a completely different product than ‘old school’ airlines,” said Ben Baldanza, Chief Executive Officer, Spirit Airlines. “We know that can be a surprise if you are used to other airlines that offer bundled fares, charging higher total prices including stuff you may not even use. We’re going to help everyone learn how to save money flying on Spirit. We know some people say they hate Spirit. We’re going to hug the haters. And, we’ll share some smiles along with your savings.”

Spirit Less Money More Go logo

Spirit has revealed a new logo (above), revitalized digital presence, fun videos and more, all designed to help customers learn the keys to saving on Spirit:

Spirit Bare Fare logo


Spirit Airlines is the Home of the Bare Fare™. Fares are fully unbundled. No “free” bag. No “free” drink. Other airlines bake those options right into their ticket price. Spirit doesn’t. A ticket gets customers and a personal item from A to B.

Frill Control™ lets customers choose the options they value so they are never forced to pay for something they don’t want. Traditional airlines make everyone pay a share of their high costs, no matter what their customers personally value – it’s like going to a movie theater and paying $25 for a ticket including popcorn and a drink, whether you want them or not. Spirit lets you pay only for the options you want, like a bigger seat or a checked bag. With Spirit, you’re never stuck paying for someone else’s “free” bag.
Spirit’s Fit Fleet™ is safe and one of the youngest fleets flying. Spirit’s newer aircraft are more fuel-efficient, saving customers even more money.

There are more seats on Spirit planes because when Spirit flies with more people, the cost per person goes down. Spirit’s Plane Simple™ seats don’t recline and don’t have Wi-Fi or video. Bottom-line: A little cozier seating and fewer expensive extras mean lower fares for you. And Spirit’s friendly and fun team will take great care of you all along the way.

Spirit 101 logo

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* based on US Department of Transportation data for Spirit and other U.S. airlines for the twelve months ended 9/30/13 adjusted for differences in length of haul.

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