JetBlue introduces the “pivot basket” and the “halo tray”

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JetBlue Airways (New York) has announced new snack and drink carriers on its BlueTails blog:

Even before we started flying 14 years ago we knew we had an opportunity to create the “un-airline” that questioned all those traditions the other guys had established. One early decision we made was to do away with dragging carts down the aisle. We didn’t like how they created a barrier between our customers and crewmembers, how they bruised elbows and toes, and frankly, their looks left something to be desired too!

Instead, we made the service a bit more personal with our wicker baskets that presented a cornucopia of name brand snack choices for our customers. But just as we’ve refreshed our planes, our products, and even our crewmembers uniforms, we decided to take a look at that basket and see if we could do something better with a refresh of its own!

JetBlue snack backet 2

basket2Onboard snack and beverage service will be a breeze with our new snack and drink carriers onboard. In order to enhance your JetBlue experience, we are pleased to bring you our stylish inflight service tools. Our crewmembers teamed up with industry designers and ergonomic specialists, to create a product that will match our new look.

Our new service tool referred to as the pivot basket, allows flexibility to better serve our customers. Although it may look small, the pivot basket actually holds more snacks. In addition to this, the flexibility feature makes it easy to use for our crewmembers onboard.

We are also proud to introduce the Halo Tray for our onboard drink products. The Halo Tray provides more capacity to serve more rows in a quicker fashion, and can also be used to serve our Eat up boxes on the reverse side.

Want to learn even more? Check out this video we shared with our Inflight Crewmembers introducing the new inflight service tools:

Our new inflight service tools are expected to make their grand appearance this fall. So stay tuned, and if you see one of our new trays or baskets (along with our beloved Inflight Crewmembers) be sure to let us know what you think!

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