JetBlue Airways launches its new “Fly It Forward” program

JetBlue Airways (New York) has issued this announcement:

JetBlue Airways launched Fly It Forward, a social movement inspired by its own crewmembers and carried on by customers passing along one ticket on a continuous journey throughout the JetBlue network. Fly It Forward fliers are fulfilling a dream, joining a humanitarian effort or making a meaningful impact on the world. The program starts with an act of humanity and a great story to tell; awarding a flight to a deserving individual. Once a trip is complete, the flier will then pass that opportunity on to the next traveler they help select, continuing a chain of goodness that will travel throughout the JetBlue network. JetBlue and its ad agency, Mullen, developed this program to create a tangible manifestation of the brand’s mission — to inspire humanity.

To celebrate the launch, JetBlue released a video (above) featuring the first four fliers to participate in Fly It Forward.

Highlighting the virtues of the program, the video also calls for the public to submit their own nominations for deserving travelers for the next fliers to choose from so they can continue to Fly It Forward.

The Fly It Forward site will be the hub of all conversations and activity, documenting each flier’s story and encouraging consumers to share their nominations. Twitter serves as the lead social platform, where consumers submit or nominate stories using #FlyItForward. New winners will be selected by the previous fliers and announced every other week as the Fly It Forward ticket travels across the JetBlue network.

As a brand dedicated to treating people with humanity, evidenced by its consistent delivery of unparalleled customer service, JetBlue looked to its crewmembers to unearth stories of potential Fly It Forward nominees. These crewmembers played a critical role in providing the foundation for today’s launch.

To date, JetBlue crewmembers have enabled the ticket to travel between four fliers from Chicago, New York, Seattle and Haiti. Stories span the themes of inspiration, resilience and perseverance, the pursuit of one’s passion, and dedication to youth education and community relations. One of the featured fliers includes Louis Elneus, who established the first public library in Haiti. Nominated by Crewmember Jay Sequiera, Louis returned to Haiti to deliver new books for the start of the school year as he continues to inspire youth education and literacy.

And now JetBlue is enlisting the public to help continue this journey. Consumers can follow the stories as they unfold at and help write the next chapter by submitting their own entry or by nominating a story through Twitter using #FlyItForward.


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