QANTAS Airways unveils new economy class inflight dining services

New Economy dining experience - service (QANTAS)(LRW)

QANTAS Airways (Sydney) has announced a new economy class inflight dining experience:

QANTAS has unveiled details of its new inflight dining offering, which is set to re-define the travel experience for international Economy customers when it rolls out across the network from November 25.

Customers will enjoy a wider choice of meals, fifty per cent larger servings and faster service.

Alan Joyce launches new Economy dining experience (QANTAS)(LRW)

QANTAS Group Chief Executive Officer Alan Joyce (above) said the dining experience will set a new standard for the five million Economy customers travelling across the airline’s international network each year.

Some of the new dishes on the menu include smoky barbecue beef with roasted sweet potato, broccoli and corn; honey roasted chicken farro salad and seasonal vegetables with pumpkin and sesame seeds; scrambled eggs with chicken sausage, tomato, hash brown and baked beans; and Ruby & Roy’s traditional Greek yoghurt with granola.

Pulled beef sliders with capsicum and tomato relish, Weis ice-cream bars, Maltesers and fresh fruit are among the self-serve grazing options. Shortly after take-off passengers will be served a welcome drink from Bickford’s signature range, featuring flavours exclusive to Qantas such as Lemon & Elderflower, and Pink Grapefruit.

A team of QANTAS food and beverage experts spent 12 months researching and developing the new menu and service, speaking with customers, visiting local producers and suppliers and researching food and dining trends. Trials were run on a number of international flights and customer satisfaction on those flights almost doubled, hitting record highs.

The new Economy dining experience will be available on the following dates:

November 25, 2014: Melbourne-Dubai-London

November 26, 2014: Sydney-Dubai-London

November 28, 2014: Tasman

December 5, 2014: Perth-Auckland seasonal service

December 9, 2014: US services; Los Angeles, New York and Dallas/Fort Worth

January 3, 2015: Vancouver seasonal service

January 13, 2015: Singapore

February 10, 2015: Hong Kong

March 1, 2015: Santiago, Johannesburg, Honolulu, Bangkok, Shanghai, Narita, Manila, Jakarta and Noumea

QANTAS aircraft slide show: AG Slide Show

Video: According to the airline, “QANTAS Economy customers will soon enjoy a new inflight dining offering, set to re-define the travel experience on QANTAS international flights when it rolls out across the network from November 25, 2014”: