2014 in Review: Some of the airlines we lost in 2014

We lost the following airlines in 2014, with some changing names (all photo are from the AirlinersGallery.com photo library, please click on the photo for the full-size view and the photo credit):

Air Armenia (suspended operations on October 29, currently talking with new investors to relaunch operations in 2015)

Air One (ceased operations on October 30, assets merged into Alitalia)

Air Uganda (ceased operations on July 17 after its AOC was revoked)

AirTran Airways (operated its last flight on December 28, assets merged into Southwest Airlines)

Alitalia (2nd) (Compagnie Aerea Italiana) (technically the second version of Alitalia ends today and the new ownership takes over tomorrow). Assets transferred to Alitalia (3rd) (Societa Aerea Italiana)

American Connection – Chautauqua Airlines (ended operations on August 19)

Bingo Airways (shut down on June 15)

CCA – Central Connect Airlines (ended operations on June 30)

Dobrolet (2nd) (shut down on August 4 due to western sanctions against Russia)

Era Alaska (Era Aviation) (became Ravn Alaska)

Eznis Airways (ceased operations on May 22)

Fly Olympic (Sweden) (shut down on July 29)

Fly Romania (Tend Air) (cancelled all flights on August 19 and declared bankruptcy on September 29)

Gambia Bird Airlines (as reported, suspended all operations on December 30)

go! (Mesa Air Group) (ended operations on March 31)

Greenland Express (denim Air) (quit flying on September 18)

JAL Express (JAL officially ended the subsidiary on September 30)

JetKonnect (parent Jet Airways ended the brand and subsidiary on November 30)

Lakeshore Express (ceased operations on April 1 – no joke)

Livingston Compagnia Aerea (2nd) (stopped trying on October 6)

Mandala Airlines (Tiger Airways Indonesia) (the Tigerair brand did not help, shut down on July 1 after many years)

North American Airlines (4th) (this historic airline shut down on April 29)

Our Airline (became Nauru Airlines on August 1)

PAL Airlines (ceased operating on August 4)

PEOPLExpress (Vision) 737-400 (14)(Grd)(Peoplexpress)(LRW)

PEOPLExpress (2nd) (Vision Airlines) (the virtual airline using the iconic name ceased operating September 26 after almost three months)

Polet Flight (Polet Airlines) (suspended operations on November 24)

Pullmantur Air (became Wamos Air on December 17)

RAK Airways (rakairways) (stopped again, for the last time on January 1)

Sky Aero (flySkyAero.com) (Kenya) (stopped in September)

Skywings Asia Airlines (Cambodia) (ceased operations on November 30)

Small Planet Airlines (Italy) (the subsidiary quit on January 17)

Tigerair Mandala (see Mandala) (stopped trading on July 1)

TMA Cargo (2nd) (the second version of TMA shut down in September 2014)

Transmile Air Services (suspended operations in 2014 but hopes to come back)

Trawel fly

Valuair (the name was quietly retired on October 26)

Vincent Aviation (Australia) (the Australia division shut down on May 28)

World Airways (an iconic name for many years stopped on March 26)


4 thoughts on “2014 in Review: Some of the airlines we lost in 2014

  1. heenan73

    I never realised how many had failed in 2014 … I trust you’re planning a list of new airlines for 2015? :-)

    1. Bruce Drum

      Yes, I have done this in the past along with color schemes – a yearly review. I will continue for 2015 (let’s hope there are not as many).

      Thank you.


  2. aviatorjoey

    Chatauqua Airlines actually continued operations until December 31st. Beginning today, they were officially merged with their sister company, Shuttle America. They will now operate under the “Mercury” call-sign. The certificate is currently retained by parent company, Republic Airways Holdings, and is being considered for sale to an undisclosed company. Chautauqua aircraft and employees have simply been transferred to the new certificate.

    1. Bruce Drum

      Thank you very much Joey for this information – this was the date they stopped American Connection flights. The date yesterday is the end of a long historic line for Chautauqua Airlines going back to Allegheny Commuter days. Can you please confirm the date they stopped flying for AA as American Connection?

      Thank you.


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