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After almost seven years and nearly 15,000 published articles, World Airline News is further evolving as the reading habits of our readers also continue to evolve.

Over the years we have noticed an on-going trend in how readers get their airline news. These undeniable trends have spotlighted the move from traditional printed (paper) magazine content to on-line web content (like this blog) and now to mobile devices and the fast-growing social media sites. Today more and more readers are getting their news on their mobile devices and through the various social media pages. This blog is already mobile-friendly and is already located in the top social media sites.

As you know, there are several ways to read World Airline News. This ranges from direct e-mail subscriptions of all articles, to this actual on-line blog and also on our social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, Pocket, Pinterest, Google+ and Reddit. Clearly these social media sites are the major growth areas.

Readership of World Airline News has doubled in the past year with all of these outlets. However less people are now visiting the original on-line blog after we peaked in blog readership in March. We are now forced to be more selective in what we report and publish and how we distribute the news.

Effective October 1, 2015, World Airline News will no longer be a daily news service. After this date, we only will be publishing the occasional major “big stories” on this blog. However we will continue to post our stories + those of other traditional and reliable news services on our fast-growing World Airline News page on Facebook.

We will no longer be reporting on financial reports by the airlines. There are many financial news sources for the quarterly and yearly financial results and we no longer want to duplicate this content reported in other places.

We will no longer be reporting on new airline routes unless it is a major story in our focus area. Airline Route does an excellent job of reporting on new routes (please see the right column of this blog for their Airline Route RSS news feed).

What constitutes major news stories?

We expect to continue to publish stories on the following “big subjects” on this blog:

  • New airlines and the start of service
  • Airline demises and retirement of airline brands
  • New airline liveries
  • A new aircraft type with an airline and the introduction of service
  • Aircraft type retirements
  • Major new aircraft orders
  • Special articles, especially the columns and stories by our Assistant Editors
  • Major aircraft accidents and incidents
  • Airline mergers and takeovers

These types of stories are the most popular with our readers. In essence, we are now being more selective in what we report due to the rising amount of content and our limited time to report the news. Unlike others, we do not charge for our news service. It has all been free from day one and it will continue to be free. We hope in return you will support our growing flagship photo library and our framable color prints.

Although we will continue to report on a worldwide basis, we will also focus more on our main readership areas of North America, Western Europe, Australia/New Zealand and other English-speaking parts of the world. We will continue to work with our overseas partners for their extensive coverage in their home areas. Their stories can also be found in the right column.

Finally, if you are interested in helping to report the news as a volunteer Assistant Editor, we would welcome your correspondence and your offer of help.

Bruce Drum

Managing Editor

World Airline News


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  1. Jeffrey Magnet

    This change makes a lot of sense. No need to duplicate “Airline Route” or report the financials except Aeroflot supposedly purchasing 75% of Transaero. What happened to Olga?

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