Fly Baghdad touches down in Beirut, Lebanon

Fly Baghdad, Iraq’s first economic carrier, launched its first new nonstop flights between Baghdad and Beirut on December 21, 2017, with two regular flights per week, gradually increasing to daily flights in 2018.

The inaugural flight took off from Baghdad International Airport at 7:45 am, and was greeted at Rafic Hariri International Airport with the traditional water cannon salute (below).

The flight was accompanied by the airline Chief executive officer Mr. Ali Al-Hamdany, Head of sales, and representatives of travel and tourism companies, and it was welcomed in Rafic Hariri International Airport by the Head of Lebanese civil aviation Eng. Mohamed Shehabulddin, the head of Air transport department Eng Carl Rizk, the President of the research and study department Dr. Angel Awaad, and the president of New plaza tours Mr. Fawaz Fawaz, and representatives from the press and media.

Ali Al-Hamdany, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Fly Baghdad, said: “The airline follows the low cost model that provides world class services at affordable prices.” The company will initially operate two flights a week to Beirut, to become three flights next month, then daily flights beginning of the new summer season. ” Al-Hamdany continued “The city of Beirut represents an important destination for the Iraqi traveler, both in terms of work, tourism and for residence, which makes it desirable destination for the Iraqi traveler”

“The Directorate at Rafic Hariri International Airport is happy to have a new service between Beirut and Baghdad through Fly Baghdad,” said the Director General of civil aviation, Eng. Shahabuddin. “We know that this will further strengthen the relationship between the Iraqi and Lebanese peoples, and tourism on various aspects between the two countries.”
“We have promised that the Iraqi brothers will come to Lebanon for tourism, especially that Lebanon opens its heart to all Arab peoples without exception,” he said. ” And this will strengthens the revenue of the Lebanese treasury and strengthens confidence in Rafik Hariri International Airport.

Al-Hamdany, in a previous interview with Reuters during the Dubai aviation conference last month talked about plans to expand the Fly Baghdad network to include Europe and India next year.

All photos by Fly Baghdad.

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