Atlantic Airways, promoting the Faroe Islands as a destination

Promoting the Faroe Islands as a destination

Atlantic Airways (Vagar) held an open house in Vagar on December 28, 2017 to showcase their airline to the local citizens (below).

The carrier has been modifying its livery to include larger “Faroe Islands” sub-titles on the rear fuselage.

The small carrier wants to better promote the remote and beautiful Faroe Islands as a “hot destination” in 2018. Is a new route to North America coming? Will the Faroe Islands become the “new Iceland” as a destination?

Copyright Photo (all others by Atlantic Airways): Atlantic Airways-Faroe Islands Airbus A319-115 OY-RCG (msn 5079) MUC (Arnd Wolf). Image: 940485.

Atlantic Airways aircraft slide show:

Route Map:



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