Air Belgium selects Brussels South Charleroi Airport as its base, Hong Kong to be the first destination

Air Belgium (2nd), the new Belgian airline, will be flying from Brussels South Airport for its nonstop flights between the heart of Europe, China and other Asian destinations.

Air Belgium selected Brussels South due to its very convenient accessibility, efficient and renowned quality service, competitive costs and commitment to expand into a larger international airport.

A Unique Premium Terminal and necessary metamorphosis

The airport will be changing its infrastructure in such a way that it will be able to welcome Air Belgium and its fleet of four A340-300 airplanes, with gradual deliveries starting from mid-February 2018. The airport will be pulling out all the stops to welcome every passenger in optimal circumstances.

A Premium terminal will be created at the current Terminal Sud (Executive Aviation Terminal) to meet the needs of business and premium class travelers. Before check-in, they will be able to use the parking and be on the plane within twenty minutes, including the Border and Customs checks and boarding. The full service Business Lounge will offer extensive comfort options for passengers who wish to work or relax before their flight. Construction will start at the end of May and take a year to be completed. In the meantime, BSCA will be providing temporary solutions to guarantee the comfort of the travelers from the very first flight.

Great alternative to Brussels

Selecting Brussels South Airport is also a way to relieve Brussels. Numerous Brussels Airport passengers end up in traffic before their flight out. It is a stress unknown to Charleroi passengers. Even for cities that are a little further away – like Ghent, Bruges or Genk, or foreign cities like Maastricht and Lille – the average travel time to Charleroi is shorter than the one to Brussels¹.

Future passengers who prefer not to take the car to the airport, can use the airport shuttle Flibco. These shuttles connect a multitude of Belgian cities (Bruges, Ghent, Namur, Marche-en-Famenne, Bastogne and Arlon), foreign cities in Northern France (Lille, Maizières-les-Metz, Metz, Nancy and Thionville) and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Luxembourg City and airport) with the airport.

In addition to important mobility aspects, Charleroi also has the ambition to strengthen her connections offer to become a true hub connected to other regional airports in European capitals, like it already is for London and Frankfurt. This extended competition offers passengers more choices.

Next steps

Air Belgium’s first flights have been planned for the end of March 2018, with Hong Kong as the first official destination. The arrival of the first plane, mid-February 2018, allows the airline time to complete the process regarding its Operating License (AOC).

Air Belgium will also continue to focus on recruitment. The airline is still looking for pilots, cabin crew and various types of specialized ground crew.

Air Belgium is a Belgian airline for long-distance flights that will be offering direct flights between Belgium and Asia from the first half of 2018. Air Belgium will have a starting capital of 20 million euros, divided among Belgian and European majority shareholders and Asian minority shareholders. Its headquarters are located in Mont-Saint-Guibert (Walloon Brabant).

All images by Air Belgium.