Video: ABB FIA Formula E race car vs Qatar Airways’ Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Who will win?

From Qatar Airways:

We put our most modern aircraft, the #Airbus A350 and #Boeing 787 Dreamliner, up against one of the fastest, most modern cars in the world, the ABB FIA Formula E Spark SRT-01E. Using our home and hub Hamad International Airport as the venue, we closed a runway and pitted Formula E car and renowned racing driver Jerome D’Ambrosio in a man-and-machine race like no other.

Matched up against an Airbus A350 taking off, can the Formula E car keep the lead before the plane leaves the ground? And then on the return leg, how did the Formula E car fare against a landing Boeing 787 Dreamliner? Can a car outrun two planes?

Start your engine, ready, set, GO! Watch now and find out.