Alaska Airlines successfully migrates Virgin America into their Sabre passenger services system

Sabre Corporation and Alaska Airlines have successfully migrated Virgin America to Alaska’s passenger services system (PSS), hosted by Sabre. The recently completed migration will allow Alaska and Virgin America to move forward using Sabre systems as one unified airline while offering a seamless, end-to-end guest experience.

Sabre and Alaska have been engaged for the last year building the foundation for Alaska’s growth and superior customer experience.  The successful migration is an example of the companies’ deeply collaborative relationship. Now that the integration is complete, Alaska will expand its use of Sabre’s customer management technology across the enterprise to fulfill its brand promise, enhance retailing capabilities and offer guests the best options in an ultra-competitive environment.

In December 2017, Alaska Airlines renewed its longstanding partnership with Sabre, including access to full content through the global distribution system (GDS) and an expansion of Alaska’s passenger services system. Alaska Airlines and its regional partners fly 44 million guests a year to more than 115 destinations, with an average of 1,200 daily flights across the United States, Mexico, Canada and Costa Rica.