Volotea surpasses 1,000 employees in less than 7 years

Volotea has announced that its head counts now exceeds 1,000 people among employees at its headquarters in Barcelona and its twelve bases in France, Italy, Spain and Greece.

In less than seven years, Volotea has created one thousand jobs, a remarkably strong growth from 2011 when the airline had five employees. In the last twelve months, Volotea has increased its headcount by 20%, adding 180 people and, since June has already exceeded 1,000 employees.

The almost 400 employees in France are working at Volotea bases in Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille and Strasbourg. More than 300 work in Venice, Verona, Genoa and Palermo (Italy) and more than 100 in Spain’s bases (Bilbao and Asturias), working in positions as pilots, cabin crew, handling and administrative tasks. In addition, there are 220 employees based in the Volotea’s Barcelona headquarters.

By roles, most of the employees work in the Operations Department (788 people, including 316 pilots, 424 cabin crews and 48 employees in administrative tasks and self-handling), spread among the twelve bases from where Volotea operates.

The airline’s headcount includes more than 35 different nationalities. Most of the employees are Spanish (423), Italian (252) and French (236), but Volotea also has a number of employees from Greece, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Finland and Belgium.

The opening of three new bases this year has created 120 new positions in Bilbao, Marseille and Athens. Additionally, in the Barcelona headquarters, Volotea has created close to fifty new jobs, hiring staff in recent months in the Operations, Technical, Quality and Safety, Commercial, Marketing, and Strategy departments.

The airline, launched by Carlos Muñoz and Lázaro Ros (also founders of Vueling in the previous decade), had only five employees in the summer of 2011: the above mentioned Carlos Muñoz and Lázaro Ros, Marco Comani, Chief Strategy Officer (and former Chief Strategy Officer at Vueling); Roman Pané, Chief Operations Officer (former CEO at Futura); and John Owen, CFO (previously CEO at Jetblue in the United States).

Volotea’s Growth

Volotea has carried 18 million passengers since its first flight in 2012 and more than 4.8 million in 2017.

In 2018, Volotea has opened 58 new routes to serve a lineup of 293 routes, operating flights to 78 mid and small-sized European cities in 13 countries: France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Albania, Portugal, Malta, Austria, Ireland and Luxembourg. The airline expects to carry between 5.7m and 6.0 passengers in 2018.

Volotea has currently twelve bases: Venice, Nantes, Bordeaux, Palermo, Strasbourg, Asturias, Verona, Toulouse, Genoa, Bilbao, Marseille and Athens. These last three have been inaugurated recently in 2018.

Volotea employs over 1,000 people in summer 2018, a year in which it added 250 new positions.

In 2018, Volotea operates its network with 32 aircraft, Boeing 717s and Airbus A319s. Both models are recognized for their comfort and reliability, with Volotea offering reclining seats which are 5% wider than the average in airlines.

The Airbus A319 is the aircraft model selected for its future growth and will allow the company to increase its passenger capacity by 20% to 150 seats and to serve longer routes.

Photos: Volotea.