Delta expects to resume near-normal operations across Carolinas Tuesday

Delta Air Lines has issued this statement:

Delta has extended its fare cap, waivers for ticket changes, overweight and oversized baggage fees, pet-in-cabin fees and some restrictions in select cities due to continued infrastructure challenges caused by Hurricane Florence.

The airline continues to work closely with airport authorities and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to provide any assistance, including restoration of power to airport facilities, as teams on the ground work to provide customers with a restart to regularly scheduled flights.

Of the airports originally impacted by Florence, two continue to be challenged — Wilmington, N.C. (ILM) and Jacksonville, N.C. (OAJ). Power was restored to both stations Monday afternoon and flights to the coastal cities are scheduled to resume Tuesday.  A waiver remains in effect as infrastructure remains a concern for several cities following the storm’s reign over the region. Unaccompanied minor embargos remain in effect for those traveling to or through EWN, ILM and OAJ until Wednesday, Sept. 19. Waivers for baggage and pet-in-cabin fees also remain in effect for several parts of the region as residents begin traveling back to coastal cities in Virginia, Georgia and the Carolinas through Wednesday.

Flights to Charleston, S.C. began operating Saturday with Fayetteville, N.C. restarting Sunday and New Bern, N.C. on Monday. Flights in Charlotte, N.C. and Raleigh/Durham, N.C. were not affected and continued throughout Florence’s impact.

While keeping Delta people and customers out of harm’s way, the airline was able to maintain its strong completion factor relative to the industry. Delta canceled approximately 275 mainline and Delta Connection flights as a result of the storm.

Preparing for impact and helping those in need

Almost a week ahead of Hurricane Florence making landfall on the Carolina coast, Delta announced that teams in the airline’s Operations and Customer Center were keeping an eye on the storm and areas in the projected path.  As the forecasted track of the storm shifted in the days leading up to the arrival of Florence, Delta’s Meteorology Team kept a vigilant eye on cities that were likely to be impacted.

A waiver followed just a day later allowing customers the opportunity to adjust their travel through the affected airports. The airline also waived checked baggage fees and pet-in-cabin fees in addition to capping fares on several markets in the storm’s path to help those looking to get out ahead of the storm.

Delta’s Meteorology team worked alongside operations teams to expand the scope of airports included in the days leading up to landfall and worked closely with partners in the region to keep operations running safely as much as possible.

Florence’s devastation over the Carolina region remains days after the storm made landfall, with flooding still a primary concern from record-breaking rainfall. To help people affected by the storm and to give back to the communities in need, Delta’s continued partnership with the American Red Cross provides several ways to get involved.