Air Europa Express salutes the Civil Guard of Spain

"Guardia Civil. 175 Años a tu lado" (Civil Guard, 175 years by your side)

Javier Rodriguez reporting from Spain:

The Civil Guard (Spanish: Guardia Civilis the oldest law enforcement agency covering the whole of Spain. It is celebrating this 2019 its 175th anniversary. The Guardia Civil was founded as a national police force in 1844 during the reign of Queen Isabel II of Spain.
Fort this reason an Embraer 195 from Air Europa Express (EC-LKM) is displaying special titles “Guardia Civil. 175 años a tu lado” (“Civil Guard, 175 years by your side”).
Both Copyright Photos: Air Europa Express (2nd) Embraer ERJ 190-200LR (ERJ 195) EC-LKM (msn 19000425) (Guardia Civil) PMI (Javier Rodriguez). Image: 946715.
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