ASL Airlines France inaugurates two new routes from Paris CDG

ASL Airlines France has made this announcement (translated from French):

ASL Airlines France made its first flight to Belgrade on Monday (June 24) and and Tunis on Tuesday (June 25). These two inaugural flights departing from Paris-CDG started the summer schedule for the carrier.

✈ Belgrade is now served twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays until September 5, 2019
departure from Paris-CDG at 18:20 – arrival in Belgrade at 20:40.
departure from Belgrade at 21:40 – arrival at Paris-CDG at 00:05 (D + 1)

✈ Until September 6, 2019 ASL Airlines France serves Tunis from Paris:
twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, until August 1
once a week, on tuesday, august
daily the first week of September.

Flights departing and arriving at Paris-CDG are from the T3 Terminal.


In addition to the inauguration of the Paris-Belgrade and Paris-Tunis routes, the 2019 passenger flights program is also highlighted by:

✈ The reinforcement of the Bordeaux-Oran and Perpignan-Oran routes inaugurated last summer.
✈ The addition of new frequencies on the Paris-Algiers and Paris-Tel Aviv routes operated year-round.
✈ The renewal of flights to Oujda from Paris, Bastia and Strasbourg.

ASL Airlines France serves ten regular routes during the summer 2019 season:

Paris-CDG / Tunis; Paris-CDG / Belgrade; Paris-CDG / Oujda; Paris-CDG / Bastia; Strasbourg / Oujda; Bastia / Oujda; Bordeaux / Oran; Perpignan / Oran as well as Paris-CDG / Tel Aviv and Paris-CDG / Algiers which are insured year round.

All photos by the airline.