Air Tahiti Nui unveils its new uniforms


Air Tahiti Nui has recently unveiled its unique, French Polynesian-inspired crew uniforms in conjunction with the introduction of its new Tahitian Dreamliner during the 53rd International Paris Air Show – Le Bourget. Air Tahiti Nui’s crew debuted the new uniforms at the event on June 20, 2019.

With these updated uniforms, Air Tahiti Nui brings even more color into their award-winning Tahitian Dreamliners, drawing inspiration from the vivid colors used by famed painter, Paul Gaugin. The bright outfits paired with the ocean-inspired coloring of the cabin will coalesce into a sense of already being on the tropical islands of French Polynesia before one even leaves the airport.

“As ambassadors of The Islands of Tahiti, it is important that every aspect of our Tahitian Dreamliners embody the destination,” said Nicholas Panza, Vice President of North America, Air Tahiti Nui. “Our goal is to provide a fully immersive passenger experience, from the moment passengers approach the plane to the moment they disembark, and the crew uniforms are an important part of this.”

The designers, Steeve Liu, known in Tahiti as “Steeve L,” and Moerani Morgrin, or “Moya B,” were tasked with creating uniforms for Air Tahiti Nui’s hostesses and stewards that met the professional requirements of an international airline, while still reflecting the charm, beauty and warmth that are typical of the islands. To do this, the designers created two separate outfits: a formal pre- and post-flight uniform and a less formal in-flight uniform.

The first and more formal uniform, worn by crew while outside the aircraft, features patterns of turquoise tropical foliage on a dark blue background, bringing a touch of exoticism to an outfit that is nevertheless meant to be strict and professional. The borders and red lapels, representing the Polynesian flag, highlight the more rigorous nature of this outfit.

The second uniform, worn by the crew while in-flight, are the fitted Purotu and flowing Mamaruau, popular dresses loved by the women of Polynesia. These dresses feature the vibrant reds, blues, yellows and pinks that were loved by Gauguin, boasting a pattern made of foliage and vanilla blossoms in three color schemes, either mauve on a turquoise background, black on a red background or pink on a yellow background. Adorned with laces and red piping, these dresses bring the vivid colors and tones that compose the beauty of Polynesian gardens into the cabin. Together, these two outfits distinguish the airline’s authenticity to its destination.

The uniforms meld seamlessly with the recent launch of the Tahitian Dreamliners. Each Dreamliner aircraft seats a total of 294 passengers onboard and offers three different seating options including Poerava Business, Moana Premium and Moana Economy. The Dreamliner fleet began operation in November 2018 on flights between Tahiti and Auckland, New Zealand and three times a week to Los Angeles.

Headquartered in Papeete, Tahiti, Air Tahiti Nui currently operates from its Tahiti base to destinations in 10 countries. The phasing out of the current Airbus A340-300 fleet will be completed by September 2019.  The airline has a number of codeshare partners including American Airlines, SNCF, Air Calin, Air New Zealand, Japan Airlines, Korean Air, Qantas and LATAM.

All photos by the airline.

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