Hong Kong Airlines receives a cash infusion

Hong Kong Airlines has made this announcement:

Hong Kong Airlines is committed to serving Hong Kong. We have always been committed to delivering a safe and smooth operation to our customers, while striving for the long-term development of Hong Kong Airlines.

We have been notified by the Air Transport Licensing Authority (ATLA) that it would not take further action against us for the time being. We will comply with ATLA’s requirements and all relevant regulatory requirements as always. Our operation has been running normally and we will endeavour to serve all our passengers over the upcoming holiday season and beyond.
Hong Kong Airlines has a cash injection plan following urgent consultations with our stakeholders, including shareholders and management, who attach great importance to the airline’s long-term growth. Funding for operation will be injected into Hong Kong Airlines by phases. Over the past year, Hong Kong Airlines has rolled out a consolidation program to cut costs, optimize its network and elevate the customer experience. Moving forward, we will continue to drive consolidation and strengthen our internal structure to operate more efficiently and improve our revenue.
Hong Kong Airlines would like to thank our customers and business partners for their ongoing support and confidence in us. Our staff will continue to maintain the highest standard of professionalism, put the interests of our customers first and work together to offer our best services to the people of Hong Kong and our overseas customers. We will also actively communicate with our service providers to resolve outstanding financial issues and gradually bring our service back to normal.
All photos above by the airline.
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