Ukraine International Boeing 737-800 crashes on takeoff at Tehran

Crashed January 8, 2020 on takeoff on flight PS752 from IKA to KBP,  176 killed

Ukraine International Airlines-UIA flight PS 752 from Tehran (Khomeini) to Kiev with Boeing 737-800 (UR-PSR, above) crashed on takeoff today. All on board are feared to be dead.

The airline issued this statement (translated):

Today, on January 8, 2020, the aircraft of Ukraine International Airlines, while operating PS752 flight Tehran – Kiev, disappeared from the radar, a few minutes after departure from Tehran International Airport.

The aircraft departed Tehran Airport at 06:10 local Iran time.

According to preliminary data, there were 167 passengers and 9 crew members on board. Airlines are currently finding out the exact number of passengers on board.

Passenger lists will be posted on the airline’s website after final confirmation of their stay on board the aircraft.

The airline expresses its sincere condolences to the families of the victims of the plane crash and will do everything possible to support the relatives and loved ones of the victims. As of today, UIA has decided to suspend its own flights to Tehran indefinitely.

As of 09:30, UIA has been working closely with the aviation authorities to find out the causes of the aviation incident. In parallel, the airline contacts the relatives of the passengers, providing all possible assistance in the current situation.

The flight was performed on a Boeing 737-800 NG aircraft, registration number UR-PSR. The aircraft of 2016 production was received directly by the airline from the plant of the concern. The last scheduled maintenance of the aircraft was January 06, 2020.

A thorough investigation will be conducted with the involvement of the aviation authorities of Ukraine, Iran, representatives of the Boeing manufacturer, the airline, as well as the National Bureau of Investigation of Civil Aviation and Incidents with Civilian Aircraft in Ukraine (NBRCA). The airline will inform you of the investigation and the causes of the tragic event as soon as they are identified.

Press Service of Ukraine International Airlines

Top Copyright Photo: Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-8KV WL UR-PSR (msn 38124) LGW (Keith Burton). Image: 948733.

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