Uzbekistan Airways puts four Boeing jets up for sale

Uzbekistan Airways has put two Boeing 757-200s and two Boeing 767-300s up for sale.

The airline issued this offer:

As part of the project to further unify and update the fleet of aircraft, “Uzbekistan airways” JSC offers for sale aircraft of the type:



Boeing 757-200 UK-75701 (1999y.)
cost 12 030 000 USD;

Boeing 757-200 UK-75702 (1999y.)
cost 12 408 000 USD;





Boeing 767- 3 CBER UK-67007 (2003y.)
cost 21 414 000 USD;

Boeing 767-3 CBER UK-67008 (2004y.)
cost 22 362 000 USD


Please send your commercial offer to e-mail:, up to 02.03.2020y., до 18.00ч.

Phone number (99871) 254-19-12

Uzbekistan Airways aircraft photo gallery: