Air Canada continues to bring Canadians back home

Air Canada has made this announcement:

Air Canada announced today that, in collaboration with the Canadian Government, it will operate two more special flights from Morocco. These flights follow a successful special flight completed March 21 in which Air Canada brought 444 Canadians home from Morocco.

These two additional flights are currently scheduled to operate on March 23 and 25 from Casablanca to Montreal with a 450-seat wide-body aircraft.

Global Affairs Canada is coordinating local arrangements for Canadians wishing to return home on these special flights. Canadians abroad are strongly encouraged to register with Global Affairs Canada. This will allow the Government of Canada to provide information to them as soon as it becomes available. For any emergency help you are encouraged to contact

Air Canada brings thousands of people home

In the last week, Air Canada has transported more than 200,000 Canadians back home through its regularly scheduled operations across its international and U.S. network. Air Canada plans to operate more than 300 flights until the end of March from international destinations and more than 850 from the U.S., to enable hundreds of thousands more Canadians to return home.

Air Canada aircraft photo gallery: