Ryanair March traffic falls 48% to 5.7 million passengers, expects little flying in April and May

Ryanair has made this announcement:

COVID-19 Airspace Closures Impact March Traffic

Ryanair Holdings plc on April 3 released March traffic statistics as follows:

   2019  2020  (LF)  Growth
Ryanair Group  10.9m  5.7m (91%) -48%
Ryanair  10.5m  5.5m (91%) -48%
Lauda  0.4m  0.2m (91%)  -50%


Rolling Annual  143.1m  148.6m (96%) +4%


  • Ryanair operated over 33,000 scheduled flights (64,000 budgeted) in March including a number of rescue and medical flights on behalf of various EU governments.
  • Due to widespread EU government flight bans and restrictions, Ryanair expects to carry minimal if any traffic during the months of April and May.

Ryanair aircraft photo gallery: