Air Canada CleanCare+ Program introduces new personal safety and sanitary measures

Air Canada today announced the launch of Air Canada CleanCare+, a comprehensive program for personal safety and enhanced aircraft grooming to provide customers greater peace of mind during all stages of travel. The new program is designed to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 through such measures as mandatory pre-flight customer temperature checks in addition to required health questionnaires, seat assignment policies to allow for more personal space in Economy Class on all flights until June 30, 2020, and by providing all customers with care kits for hand cleaning and hygiene.

To supplement these individual measures, Air Canada CleanCare+ will also strengthen the airline’s industry-leading cabin grooming standards with the introduction of electrostatic spraying of cabin interiors. Air Canada will additionally expand its existing aircraft grooming procedures, which already incorporate the use of hospital grade disinfectant and specialized techniques to maintain cabin cleanliness across its fleet.

“While we are eager to see the reopening of economies and the restart of commercial aviation, the safety of our customers and employees is Air Canada’s core value and we aim to establish the highest standards of hygiene, cleanliness and attention to public health guidelines. We have been a leader in progressively introducing new measures in response to COVID-19, such as introducing Personal Protective Equipment for our employees and being the first North American carrier to require face coverings for customers. We are now the first airline in the Americas to administer pre-flight temperature checks system-wide. With Air Canada CleanCare+, we are introducing a comprehensive new program to give each customer added assurance for their well-being throughout all stages of their journey – and we intend to continue enhancing Air Canada CleanCare+ where we can with best practices from around the world, including increased use of screening tools, such as blood oxygen level testing, as they become available,” said Calin Rovinescu, President and Chief Executive Officer of Air Canada.

“Air Canada CleanCare+ will not only provide protections at the personal level, by better monitoring our customers’ fitness to fly and providing for more personal space in Economy Class, but it also sets new standards for cabin cleanliness and ensures our employees have the best tools to maintain it. Coupled with other new safety practices we implemented earlier in response to COVID-19, Air Canada CleanCare+ will provide travellers with the confidence that they can book and fly safely with Air Canada as they consider their travel plans in the current environment.”

In order to ensure the safety and well-being of all customers, through the Air Canada CleanCare+ program Air Canada will introduce the following measures by May 15:

  • Customers travelling on Air Canada flights will be subject to an infra-red temperature check at all airports, the first airline in the Americas to announce such measures system-wide. The non-invasive procedure will complement the existing government-mandated health questionnaire currently completed by all travellers to determine their fitness to fly. Customers who are deemed unfit to travel will be rebooked at no cost but be required to obtain medical clearance prior to travel.
  • To promote more personal space in Economy Class aboard its aircraft, Air Canada will automatically block the sale of adjacent seats and cap the total number of seats sold for each flight. As a result, no customer in Economy Class will be required to sit immediately adjacent to another, unless they are required to do so to assist another customer with whom they are travelling. This policy will remain in effect until at least June 30, 2020.
  • Air Canada will begin distributing care kits containing hand sanitizers and other health items to all customers.
  • Air Canada has already been recognized by the 2019 Skytrax World Airline Awards for Best Airline Cabin Cleanliness in North America. With the onset of COVID-19 the airline has strengthened its cabin grooming standards and will begin using state-of-the-art electrostatic sprayers to ensure a deeper clean with hospital grade disinfectant.

Prior to Air Canada CleanCare+, Air Canada had already taken a number of measures in response to COVID-19. These will remain in effect and be included in the Air Canada CleanCare+ Program:

  • Requiring customers to wear face coverings during their travel, including at check-in, during boarding and as directed while onboard its aircraft.
  • Protocols for the use of Personal Protective Equipment by employees, including face shields and coverings, gloves and gowns by in-flight crew, along with other safety measures to encourage physical distancing, such as a revised boarding procedure and a new onboard service program.
  • To reduce personal interactions and promote physical distancing, Air Canada has adapted its check-in procedures. This includes making available on its self-serve web and mobile check-in and airport kiosk platforms government entry requirements, the mandatory health questionnaire and other relevant information. Air Canada is also working with airports on additional protective and sanitary measures.
  • Temporary adjustments to on-board service such as individual water bottles instead of bar service offerings and the removal of pillows and blankets. Air Canada enRoute and other non-safety literature have been removed from all seatback pockets. Air Canada partnered with a third-party company that monitors infectious diseases all over the world using Artificial Intelligence and other predictive tools and provides the company with information in real-time to ensure it is equipped to make appropriate and timely decisions.
  • For customers who have already purchased tickets and are looking to change their travel, Air Canada has revised its booking policies so there is no change or cancellation fee for existing or new bookings. Additionally, for customers whose flights have been cancelled due to the impacts of COVID-19, they can retain the unused amount of their ticket for up to 24 months.


Health screening questions and pre-flight infrared temperature checks for customers, as well as the disinfection of frequently touched areas such as check-in counters and kiosks are just some of the measures implemented for your safety.

check-in illustration

1As a preventative measure, your temperature will be taken without contact.

2For the safety of everyone, our check-in kiosks are regularly cleaned.

3For your safety, all customers are required to wear protective face coverings.

4Hand sanitizer dispensers have been placed around the airport for your personal use.

5All of our check-in counters are thoroughly sanitized throughout the day.

6All of our employees wear face coverings, with other optional PPE (personal protective equipment) items available such as gloves.

7We’ll ask you a few health questions before you board to make sure you’re safe to fly.


Ongoing cleaning of our gate areas, regular health screening questions for all customers, as well as mandatory face coverings for all employees and customers are steps designed to protect you, and everyone on board.

boarding illustration

1For your safety, we’re asking all customers to wear protective face coverings.

2All of our gate counters are cleaned regularly for your convenience.

3All of our employees wear face coverings, with other optional PPE items available such as gloves.

4As a precaution, you may be asked a few health-related questionsbefore boarding.

On board

All high-touch areas are sanitized with a hospital-grade disinfectant before every flight and each time an aircraft overnights it receives a thorough cleaning. Additional preventive measures like blocking the adjacent seat in Economy Class, mandatory face coverings, and adjusted on board service are also in place to better protect customers and employees.

onboard1 illustration

1For your safety, all seat belt buckles and seat controls are sanitized inside and out.

2We properly wipe and sanitize each armrestfor your health and comfort.

3We’re sanitizing cabin windows and shadesto help you enjoy the view.

4Your light switches and air circulation controls are properly sanitized to keep you safe.

5From May 15 to June 30, 2020 we’re blocking every adjacent seat in the Economy cabin to give you more personal space.

6Our crew sanitizes all ceiling areas when an aircraft overnights.

7When an aircraft overnights, we sanitize the inside of each overhead bin to keep your luggage clean.

8You can fly confidently, knowing our HEPA filtration systems capture 99.9% of airborne particles, and continually refreshes cabin air.

9For your safety, we’re asking all customers to wear protective face coverings.

10We sanitize each overhead bin handle.

11Our employees now wear face coveringsthroughout your flight, with other PPE items available.

12We use a disinfectant in the regular cleaning of our lavatories.


onboard2 illustration

1We’re sanitizing all tray tables before boarding for your safety.

2For your safety, we will be serving bottled water and pre-packaged meals on all flights.

3We’re rigorously grooming all headrest covers.

4We sanitize your personal screen and all surfaces of the in-flight entertainment area.

5We are introducing an electrostatic disinfectant sprayer as part of our sanitization procedures.

6We’re introducing new disposable Customer Care Kits that include complimentary hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes.

7We’re wiping down sidewalls for your peace of mind each time an aircraft overnights.