Flair Airlines is incorrectly associated with a seizure of U.K. aircraft in Nigeria

Flair Airlines has made this announcement:

On May 18, 2020 an article was published by PM News Nigeria about the seizure of a foreign aircraft from the U.K. in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The article, and subsequent twitter posts, referenced a photo of a Flair Airlines Ltd. plane and, as such, have incorrectly implied involvement of our company.

Flair Airlines Ltd., a Canadian owned and operated company with no affiliations to organizations in the U.K., does not have authority to operate any aircraft – commercial, charter or cargo – to or from the Federal Republic of Nigeria or to any other country within Africa. The airline in question by Nigerian authorities is not Flair Airlines Ltd., and its employees and aircraft are not involved or engaged in this situation.

We have asked the publication – PM News Nigeria – to correct their story and retract our image but have received no response from the publication. Given the damage these stories have inflicted on Flair Airlines Ltd., we remain hopeful that the Nigerian media outlets or the Nigerian government itself will issue an apology for this error and correct the record.

Flair Airlines aircraft photo gallery: