LOT Polish Airlines to resume domestic operations

LOT Polish Airlines will resume passenger flights on June 1, 2020. For the first two weeks, flights will be operated to eight domestic airports. For the safety and comfort of passengers on board the aircraft, the #BezpiecznyLOT procedure, developed on the basis of recommendations of the Chief Sanitary Inspector and international industry organisations, will apply.

At the beginning, passengers will be able to fly LOT on the route:

  •  from Warsaw to Gdansk – up to three times a day;
  • from Warsaw to Krakow, Poznan, Rzeszow, Szczecin, Wroclaw and Zielona Gora – up to twice a day;
  • from Krakow to Gdansk – once a day.

#BezpiecznyLOT procedure covers both the safety rules on board the aircraft and the entire path the passenger follows from the moment of arrival at the airport. Current information on epidemic procedures in force at the airports and on board LOT flights will be available at lot.com.

What is #BezpiecznyLOT on the plane?

LOT aircrafts are equipped with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate-Air) filters, which remove 99.9% of bacteria
and airborne viruses. In addition, the deck, overhead compartments and luggage compartments are regularly disinfected with special biocides.

Cabin crews serving passengers during the flight will be equipped with a range of protective measures, such as masks and gloves. All passengers travelling by LOT will be required to cover their mouths and noses with a mask throughout the flight. As part of on-board service, LOT will apply the “no contact” principle, limiting direct interaction between passengers and crew. Beverages and snacks will be served in individual packages.

In order to minimize contact and facilitate entry into the aircraft, passengers will be allowed to carry one piece of hand baggage in the dimensions 55 cm/40 cm/23 cm and an increased weight up to 10 kg. By one piece of luggage we mean a backpack, purse, laptop or shopping bag.

What is #BezpiecznyLOT at the airport?

LOT Polish Airlines in cooperation with the Management Board of Polish Airports, the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate and the directors of domestic airports have developed consistent safety procedures for flights. In accordance with IATA, EASA, EC or CAA guidelines, airports are going to i.a. control the temperature of passengers at the entrance to the terminals, isolate arriving and departing passengers, keep the distance in the gates and during boarding, limit the available infrastructure (shops, business lounges), offer the access to antibacterial agents and paid dispensers with protective masks and make it compulsory to cover up mouth and nose, introduced in Poland since April 16, 2020.

As part of limiting the contact between passengers and airport staff, LOT is also working on replacing the existing procedures with self-service mechanisms, including mandatory on-line check-in and self-service boarding. Detailed safety rules applicable at airports will be presented to passengers by May 25.

LOT Polish Airlines aircraft photo gallery: