Qatar Airways states it believes its has become the largest passenger and cargo airline despite the blockade and COVID-19

Qatar Airways continues to succeed demonstrating the airline’s strength and resilience despite the illegal blockade imposed by neighboring countries on June 5, 2017.

The airline’s share of the passenger and air cargo market has grown significantly over the past three months. The airline’s ability to not only continue operating but also expand to more than 30 new destinations despite the challenges of the illegal blockade set the building blocks for it to be able to continue operating a robust and agile schedule throughout this crisis.

While other airlines in the region stopped services during the crisis, Qatar Airways has continued to operate a significant schedule operating over 15,000 flights to take over 1.8 million people home. The airline’s cargo division has prioritized medical and aid shipments working closely with governments and NGOs to transport over 200,000 tonnes of essential supplies to impacted regions.

All images by the airline.

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