Volotea takes off with its summer 2020 schedule

Volotea re-started its operations on June 16 after three months of hibernation due to Covid-19— with a first flight of the Airbus shuttle connection between Hamburg and Toulouse.

The airline has also revealed the resumption of its operations in France (June 17), Italy (June 18), Greece (June 18) and Spain (June 25).

This Summer, Volotea will offer a total of 274 routes among which 75 are new and 122 are exclusive.

Volotea has restarted today its Airbus Charter Service between Toulouse and Hamburg. With this service, Volotea provides Airbus employees with a service to commute between Airbus’ two most important facility sites, with a frequency of four flights per day. The take-off of the Airbus Shuttle officially marks the return of the airline operations.

Volotea aircraft photo gallery: