QANTAS to operate three Boeing 747 farewell flights this month

QANTAS Airways this month plans to operate 3 Boeing 747-400 “QF747” farewell flights.

The special flights are open for reservation and are scheduled to operate from Sydney on July 13, 2020, Brisbane on July 15, 2020 and Canberra on July 17, 2020 according to Airlineroute.

For the record, QANTAS operated the last regularly scheduled Boeing 747-400 revenue flight (QF28) on March 29, 2020 with VH-OEE between Santiago and Sydney.

The Boeing 747-400 fleet has been grounded due to COVID-19 and will be retired early with these special flights.

QANTAS introduced the Boeing 747 type in 1971.

QANTAS Airways aircraft photo gallery: