Ukraine International to resume New York flights

Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) has updated its plans and schedule for non-stop wide-body flights between Kyiv & New York. UIA is planning to resume flights as the Spring season takes hold in both cities. Plans include flights in time for the Easter holidays in 2021.

Numerous factors have to be considered when planning these flights, and the determination is a fluid matter, understanding the worldwide corona pandemic, governmental decisions regarding the opening of borders and the general economic situation around the world.

Understanding that many factors are beyond the control of UIA, and that the planning of long-haul flights is determined months of advance, UIA will make the determination on the number of nonstop flights and the final schedule later this year.

UIA will closely monitor the economic recovery in the US and Ukraine as well as the global responses to the CoVid pandemic by the governments of these countries and Israel, and other European countries. Additional factors that will be given consideration include the political situation in the Caucasus, which has recently led to the cancellation of UIA flights to Yerevan, Baku and Tbilisi, connecting flights important to the success of New York – Kyiv route. The combination of these many factors, will impact how UIA will move forward for these flights.

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