FIGAS finally takes delivery of Islander VP-FMC in a new livery

"Sir Miles Clifford"

The Falkland Islands Government made this announcement initially on March 17, 2020:

FIGAS welcomes new member to its fleet
The Falkland Islands Government Air Service (FIGAS) is welcoming the imminent arrival of its newest aircraft.
The Britten Norman Islander, VP-FMC, was scheduled to leave the paint shop in Bournemouth in its new FIGAS colors on Wednesday March 18, 2020. Its southbound flight was delayed by the global COVID-19 situation.
The new addition was finally delivered in November 2020.
The aircraft is named for Sir Miles Clifford and the last two letters of the registration are his initials. Sir Miles was the Governor who can be considered as instrumental in FIGAS’s formation back in 1948.
The aircraft replaces an Islander which suffered damage in 2018. Its arrival will bring the fleet back to a total of five.
FIGAS passenger use continues to grow, rising from 5,800 in 2011/12 to 9,300 in 2018/19. Its anticipated numbers for the current season will be approximately 10,000 and it’s expected the new air link via South America will further boost demand over time.

FIGAS has been an integral part of Falkland life since 1948.  The service has gradually evolved from air ambulance, mail service and carriage of officials to passengers, freight, fishery patrol and scenic flights.


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FIGAS remains an essential part of the Falklands transport infrastructure and way of life. The fleet now consists of five Islanders, one of which is a dedicated Maritime Patrol aircraft. Flying is becoming increasingly more seasonal with ground based tourists and local passengers making up most of the traffic. Round Robin flights, freight, fishery zone surveillance patrols, commercial charter operations and scenic flights compliment the core business.

FIGAS operate five Britten-Norman BN-2B Islanders.

  • VP-FBD entered service January 1986, passenger configuration
  • VP-FBM entered service May 1989, passenger configuration
  • VP-FBN entered service July 1990, passenger configuration
  • VP-FBO entered service July 1990, maritime patrol configuration
  • VP-FBR entered service March 1992, passenger configuration

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FIGAS serves the following airports in the Falkland Islands from Stanley (Port Stanley Airport) (STY):

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Top Copyright Photo: VP-FMC passed through BWI on November 23, 2020 on its long delivery flight. FIGAS (Falkland Islands Government Air Service) Britten-Norman BN-2B Islander VP-FMC BWI (Tony Storck). Image: 952045.