JSX files lawsuit against Orange County Airport

JSX has issued this statement:

JSX www.jsx.com (Delux Public Charter, LLC) filed a lawsuit in the United States Central District Court-Southern Division against Orange County, CA and John Wayne Airport (aka airport code: SNA) and Airport Director Barry Rondinella to, among other things, enjoin them from attempting to ban JSX from operating at JWA. JSX has safely and successfully flown from and to SNA since June 2018 (Case 8:20-cv-02344).

JSX is a hop-on jet service that serves a massive and underserved need for quick, hassle-free, affordable, and crowd-free air transportation in a manner that is faster and safer than driving. During the pandemic, JSX has provided essential workers and those needing to travel a safe alternative to commercial air  travel  across the Western U.S. and Texas.

On November 19, 2020, despite assurances to the contrary and despite his own recommendation on November 3rd to award passenger allocations to JSX in 2021, Rondinella, on behalf of JWA, sent a letter to Alex Wilcox, CEO of JSX, advising him that effective January 1, 2021, JSX would no longer be allowed to operate at JWA. Prior to that letter, JWA had prohibited the two fixed based operators in the private terminal (“FBOs”) at JWA from working with JSX through a lease amendment. The JWA letter refuses to provide any accommodation for JSX to continue to fly and illegally impacts JSX’s schedules, routes and service in violation of federal law and the JWA Access Plan.

JSX CEO Alex Wilcox states, “JSX is the highest rated air service in the country. Our business model represents the apogee in the evolution of air travel that Congress intended by enacting a detailed federal statutory and regulatory system governing aviation to assure access to the airport and competition . Under that federal system, JWA’s recent termination of JSX existing service at JWA will cause JSX, its customers, and the general public irreparable harm and is illegal, patently unconstitutional, and anti-competitive.” In particular, the precipitous action taken by JWA before the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays operates to unlawfully deny JSX and its customers access to routes and to JSX’s unique model of service, often to otherwise unserved routes.

Several other airport directors, counties, residents, and businesses have in the past week contacted JWA and Director Rondinella to voice their strong opposition to JWA’s Access Plan and termination of JSX services at JWA. All are in unanimous support of JSX’s continued access, services, and routes at JWA and elsewhere in 2021.

Wilcox adds, “I am hopeful that the Board will see that they have been led astray and will take quick corrective action to avoid a protracted legal battle that, among other things,  potentially calls into question the continued viability of the JWA Access Plan and certain other requisite conditions to Federal entitlements.”


JSX will continue to fight vigorously to continue providing our highly rated and award-winning service  to our loyal customers to and from John Wayne Airport. To ironically paraphrase John Wayne himself, ‘We didn’t pick this fight, but we aren’t going to back down from it and we aren’t going to lose.’

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