Jota Aviation establishes a Birmingham – Ostend – Birmingham air bridge due to Brexit

Jota Aviation (Southend) has made this announcement:

We have teamed up with up Priority Freight, a leading time-critical logistics specialist, to set up an ‘air bridge’ between mainland Europe and the UK – starting early January 2021.

The partnership aims to keep supply chains moving through new customs challenges and the predicted congestion at ports when the UK completes its Brexit transition and leaves the European Union at the end of the year.

Operating a twice daily schedule on a BAe 146 Freighter aircraft, we can offer a faster alternative to road and typically we can have your cargo available from drop off to pick up 7 hours from Birmingham to Ostend or 5 hours Ostend to Birmingham.

Available Aircraft Pallet Space

Block space is available on BAe 146 freighter (max payload 10,500 kgs)

Pallets available for loads from 1 pallets up to 7 pallets (per flight)

Each pallet is available for loads up to 1500kg or 9 cubic meters (volume).

Pallet Dimensions – 250 x 200 CMS / 98 x 78 INCHES

Provisional Scheduled Operating Times (UTC):

01:00 BHX OST 02:00
03:00 OST BHX 04:00
19:30 BHX OST 20:30
21:30 OST BHX 22:30


Jota Aviation aircraft slide show: