Qatar Airways Cargo transports 5000 tons of flowers for Valentine’s Day

Qatar Airways made this announcement:

The carrier transported 5000 tons of flowers for Valentine’s Day, introducing additional flights and charters to cater to the demand in key markets. Its product QR Fresh offers a seamless cool chain for the transport of flowers.

It is a floral February for Qatar Airways Cargo as it transported millions of flowers for Valentine’s Day, one of the biggest events worldwide. Qatar Airways Cargo transported more than 5,000 tons of flowers, mainly roses and carnations.

The increase in floral exports for 2021’s Valentine’s Day is a testament to the customers’ trust in the airline’s cool chain solutions.

Thanks to its innovative QR Fresh solution, the flowers are maintained in a temperature-controlled environment during the transport process including any transit. The cargo carrier shipped flowers from all over the world with the main markets being Ecuador, Colombia and Kenya. Flowers are also uplifted from The Netherlands, India, South Africa, Uganda, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Ethiopia among other countries.

To meet the demand, Qatar Airways Cargo operated eight Boeing 777 freighters from Quito with flowers destined for European and Australian markets, in addition to its scheduled four weekly Boeing 777 freighters.

The carrier also added three freighters from Quito to Miami, in addition to the three regular rotations. Miami serves as one of the largest distribution hubs in the United States of America. It also added 13 mini freighters and five Boeing 777 freighters from Nairobi, to support Valentine’s Day shipments besides transporting flowers on its regular four weekly Boeing 777 freighters. From Bogotá, the carrier transported flowers on its two weekly Boeing 777 freighters. It is the airline’s fifth Valentine season from Ecuador, second from Colombia and sixteenth season from Kenya.

Overall in 2020, Qatar Airways Cargo uplifted close to 32,000 tons of flowers.

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