Challenge Airlines repaints its Boeing 747-400 ERF OO-ACF

Challenge Airlines (BE) has repainted its Boeing 747-400 ERF OO-ACF in a new livery for the virtual airline. The freighter was formerly operated in Jade Cargo colors.

It was first pictured on Twitter:

Challenge Airlines (BE) was established in April 2017 as ACE – Air Cargo Europe (later ACE Belgian Freighters) and received its AOC (Air Operator’s Certificate) in April 2019 from the Belgian CAA allowing for a start of operations on May 2, 2019.

In July 2019, the company obtained its USA OPS SPEC from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) enabling operations to the United States. In September 2020, the company obtained the China OPS SPEC allowing us to operate to China as well.

The fleet includes one Boeing 747-400 BCF (OO-ACE) and a Boeing 747-400 ERF (OO-ACF). The company specializes in ACMI services.

Challenge Airlines and CAL-Cargo Air Lines of Israel as part of the Challenge Group.

Challenge is based at Liège Airport.

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