British Airways continues its relief flights to India

British Airways has made this announcement:

  • British Airways and its sister company IAG Cargo partner with Air bp, NATS, HAL and Indian ground handlers to support the humanitarian relief effort spearheaded by charities including Oxfam, Khalsa Aid, LPSUK and Christian Aid
  • Boeing 777-200 cargo aircraft full of critical care equipment, PPE and oxygen concentrators
  • 10 days needed to plan, load and fly plane full of vital equipment

A British Airways relief flight has touched down in India for the second time in two weeks as the crisis continues to grip India.  The cargo only flight (BA257F) departed London at 5pm on Friday, May 21 and landed in Delhi at 5.45am (local time) this morning.

The total weight of the medical aid was 18 tonnes, made up of five thousand pieces.  Amongst the medical equipment were hundreds of oxygen concentrators from charities including Oxfam, Khalsa Aid, Christian Aid and LPSUK.  Fuel partner, Air bp supported the flight and British Airways has ensured the flight is carbon offset.

British Airways and IAG Cargo have continued to keep vital air links open between London and India throughout the pandemic, sending aid on scheduled flights, but this is a special charter that has been funded by British Airways, Air bp, NATS, HAL and Indian ground handlers.  Over the last 10 days, British Airways has been coordinating with charities and aviation partners both in the UK and India to plan the meticulous load of this aircraft.