Luke Air presents its Airbus A330-200 at Milan, talks about its plans

Luca Patane grits his teeth – President Luke Air of Blue Panorama and the UVET Group – he does so for the current situation, in Italy the long-range and stopped market. It is a really difficult time to go ahead and pursue this type of business in these conditions that the moment grants.

On June 29 at Milan Malpensa Airport he presented the A330-200s, in two separate events: to the press first and to the travel market afterwards.

“We are proud to present the new A330-200 here at Malpensa – says Patane ‘- although the market is still and struggling to restart, the airline, on the other hand, has already intercepted the various business opportunities present in the European market and in particular in the Northern Europe, because in addition to the new Airbus presented today, we will have two more dedicated to long-haul flights from Poland and the Czech Republic ”.

In fact, the second will soon arrive and then a third. The latter will fly from the winter to long-range markets from Italy, hoping that there will be a recovery on a par with what is already happening in the Czech Republic and Poland. In fact, flights to Punta Cana, Zanzibar and Maldives have already started from Warsaw. The bouquet of destinations includes for the future further ones such as: Cape Verde, Curacao, Krabi, Salalah, Santa Clara and Zanzibar. In Poland the agreement is with Itaka. Luke Air will also fly from Prague with a contract for Cedok, a historic tour operator now in the hands of Itaka. The flights will be to Maldives, Nossy Be, Punta Cana, Santa Clara and Zanzibar.

For the medium-haul fleet, two of the 8 Boeing 737-800s are flying from Poland to various holiday destinations from the Canary Islands to the Red Sea, as well as Greece and Turkey. In the short term, the others will return to service after the forced stop due to Covid-19. To all, it is necessary to carry out an important check to allow these aircraft to return to operation. Some routes will be operated from Bergamo from Italy.

Marco Finelli reporting from Italy.