AlbaStar operates “Nowhere Flight Sicily” over Sicily

“Nowhere Flight Sicily”, operated by AlbaStar, was an exclusive Trapani to Trapani nowher flight with a chef onboard, a showman and a DJ with a saxophonist and percussionist. All this mixed with nice food and wines.

Flight 923 was operated by Boeing 737-81B EC-NAB and lasted one hour and 42 minutes at sunset.

Chef Nicola Sammartano designed a menu with the stunning flavors of the island region.

The three course meal was served with three different white wines.

Sasa’ Salvaggio did several sketches.
Later a saxophonist and a percussionist did a show making nice music of the present and past.
Most of passengers bought the ticket of the special flight to nowhere on the airline website at 69€ each.
Photo: Marco Finelli.
Marco Finelli reporting from Italy.