South African Airways secures a new AOC, will resume operations in a “few weeks”

South African Airways has made this announcement:

SAA has taken another significant step closer to resuming operations after being granted a renewed operating license by the regulator, the South African Civil Aviation Authority, under the stewardship of Captain Sakhile Reiling, SAA’s Interim Executive: Operations.

SAA’s Interim CEO Thomas Kgokolo says, “This is an important development as SAA readies itself to take to the skies again in just a few weeks. At our Airways Park headquarters, in hangars and at terminals around the country our staff are hard at work in finishing the final preparatory phases before we make an official announcement about the exact take-off date.

“While I acknowledge there is frustration over a delay in confirming this date, all of us at SAA need to make sure vital components in a very complicated and multi-faceted process are working seamlessly before we start. I’m confident that we will be able to make that announcement soon.”

As SAA accelerates its readiness, Kgokolo has also confirmed that all management and specialist pilots have now been appointed and that the pilots who will form the nucleus of the fleet’s cockpit have been identified and the processes to bring them on board will conclude in the next two weeks.

Note: SAA will return to the skies with a much smaller and limited fleet. It is unclear what aircraft will be operated at this time.