ITA (the new Alitalia) receives its AOC, will start operations on October 15

ITA – Italia Trasporto Aereo on August 16, 2021 started operating test flights using Airbus A330-202 EI-EJN as the AOC proving aircraft.
The new airline has completed the certification process for obtaining its AOC – Air Operators Certificate and Transport Passengers License.
The new airline will take over the current Alitalia SAI on October 15, 2021.
ITA received “ITY” as the new ICAO code for operations. In the future, ITA will apply for the brand of Alitalia that the commissars intend to sell off with an open competition, as the EU commission dictated for allowing ITA to take off.
ITA cannot buy the current Alitalia frequent flyer program, Millemiglia Loyalty, with 6.1 million members and over 45 billions miles collected from frequent travelers.  The question mark for the future are several:
Rome Fiumicino will be the main focus city for long-haul. Milan Linate will be the main focus city for European flights.
Currently Alitalia is serving only New York JFK and Tokyo Haneda on long-haul.
What will be the routes for ITA?
52 jets are the core of start-up fleet, growing to over 80 in the next year with the arrival of new deliveries.
Alliance membership
Currently Alitalia is in the SkyTeam alliance with a code share agreement with Delta Air Lines.
ITA will continue this way and will search for an agreement with Air France – KLM and Virgin Atlantic or switch to Lufthansa, leaving the SkyTeam Alliance and joining the Star Alliance.
This morning the ENAC – Ente Nazionale per l’Aviazione Civile (Italian CAA) issued this statement:
ITA can take off: ENAC issues the air operator certificate and the air transport license to the new national company.
ENAC, the National Civil Aviation Authority, issued today – August 18, 2021, the Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and the Air Transport Operating License to the company ITA (Italy Transport Air).
“ITA can take off – said the President of the National Civil Aviation Authority, State Attorney Pierluigi Di Palma. The hope is that the new national reference company will contribute to the restart of the sector, making a decisive contribution to overcoming the difficulties arising from the pandemic crisis. ENAC will continue in its institutional and technical task to ensure the operational start-up of ITA, ensuring compliance with public interests and the rights of passengers which are essential elements of the air transport business. “
Alessio Quaranta, Director General of ENAC, also points out that “The release of the AOC certifies that the airline has the professional capacity and business organization necessary to ensure the operation of its aircraft in safe conditions. The aircraft operator license constitutes the final provision relating to the legal-administrative and economic-financial, as well as technical-operational checks.
With the possession of the AOC and the aircraft operator license, the company can start the sale of tickets”.
Marco Finelli reporting from Italy.