ITA chooses Airbus as strategic partner: 28 aircraft to be delivered from end of first quarter 2022

ITA has made this announcement:

A strategic agreement has been reached between ITA (Italia Trasporto Aereo) and Airbus for the purchase of 28 aircraft to be delivered from the end of the first quarter of 2022. The airline has signed a memorandum of understanding for the purchase of ten Airbus A330neo long-haul aircraft, seven Airbus A220 regional aircraft and eleven Airbus A320neo family aircraft, the latter to be delivered after completion of the Business Plan.


ITA has also signed an agreement with Air Lease Corporation for the leasing of an additional 31 new-generation Airbus aircraft, including long-, medium- and short-haul aircraft. Overall, the airline explained in a note, 56 new Airbus aircraft will be leased over the period of the plan – including 13 long-haul aircraft, the ultra-modern Airbus A350-900, and 43 short- and medium-haul aircraft – at significantly more advantageous conditions than those offered to Alitalia. In addition, ITA will also halve the number of leasing companies from the twelve used by the former national airline to manage its fleet to only six, relying on partners with proven financial strength to help the company grow its fleet from the initial 52 aircraft to 105 in 2025.

ITA – Italia Trasporto Aereo is a company totally owned by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance for the exercise of business in the air transport sector. The airline has been active since November 2020.

ITA will focus its business on the Rome Fiumicino hub and Milan Linate airport where it will position itself as the reference airline for business and leisure traffic. At the beginning of operations, the airline will fly to 45 destinations with 61 routes, growing to 74 destinations and 89 routes by 2025, at the conclusion of the rebalancing process of flights towards the long-haul sector, which is aimed at bridging the connectivity gap of the Country.

In addition, ALC issued this statement:

Air Lease Corporation has announced that ITA, the new national airline of Italy, has agreed to lease 31 new ALC aircraft consisting of 15 A220s, two A320neos, nine A321neos and five A330-900neos on long-term lease from ALC’s orderbook with Airbus.  The 31 aircraft will deliver to the airline progressively beginning in the second half of 2022 through early 2025.

In addition to these 31 ALC Airbus aircraft, ITA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Airbus for the purchase of 28 new aircraft: 10 Airbus A330neo aircraft for long-haul flights, seven Airbus A220 family regional jets and 11 Airbus A320neo family aircraft (deliveries for the latter to start after the completion of the business plan).

Overall, ITA will lease a total of 56 new Airbus aircraft over the course of the plan (13 long-haul jets, including the ultra-modern Airbus A350-900, and 43 short and medium-haul aircraft).