Bristow operates a SAF flight to an offshore oil rig!

Bristow Group Inc. announced today it completed an offshore revenue flight using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), marking one of the first SAF-powered flights to an offshore operation in the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS). The aircraft flew from Aberdeen to installations operated by bp.

As part of its strategic relationship with Air bp, Bristow used sustainable aviation fuel¹, fully certified to Jet A1 standards, as part of a demonstration utilizing a Bristow S-92.

Further flights are scheduled over the next two weeks with a view to SAF being provided as an option to all Bristow clients in the future.

Utilizing SAF for operational flights is one of many global initiatives, including an increased use of electric-powered ground support vehicles at select operating bases, as part of the Bristow’s efforts to significantly reduce its carbon emissions.

Sustainable aviation fuel is made from feedstocks such as used cooking oil and household waste, and its adoption is a key element in the global aviation industry’s commitment to reducing its total carbon emissions by 50 percent by 2050.

Bristow is the world’s largest helicopter operator and one of the UKCS’ most active aviation providers, with a broad client base throughout the United Kingdom.

Bristow used sustainable aviation fuel (grade Jet A-1/SAF) meeting Defense Standard 91-091 and ASTM D1655 standards for aviation turbine kerosene as part of a demonstration flight utilizing a Bristow S-92. The SAF blend supplied is 35% SAF and the SAF component provides a lifecycle carbon reduction of approximately 80% compared to the traditional jet fuel it replaces.