T-way Air gets ready to enter the long-haul market

T’way Air is reviewing the introduction of additional mid-to-large aircraft capable of flying to major European routes such as London, Paris and Spain and North America such as Los Angeles and New York to secure competitiveness on long-distance routes.

T’way Air is planning to introduce a total of three aircraft sequentially in the first half of this year, starting with the first Airbus A330-300 aircraft next month, and starting domestic flights in March, starting mid- to long-distance routes to Singapore, Australia, Sydney, Croatia, Zagreb, and Kyrgyzstan.

In order to secure the competitiveness of long-distance routes ahead of the redistribution of ticket rights and slots in the future due to the consolidation of major airlines, T’way Air announced that it had begun reviewing the introduction of additional long-distance aircraft.

In addition to the introduction of long-distance equipment, T’way Air plans to continue preparing for the acquisition of short- and medium-distance routes that can be operated with the Boeing 737-800 aircraft it currently owns, such as international routes from Gimpo Airport, and routes to Indonesia and Mongolia.