Worst U.S. airline is JetBlue, not Spirit or Frontier according to the WSJ

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has issued it annual ranking of U.S. airlines with a surprise ranking. From CNBC:

“When it comes to low-cost airlines, American fliers usually praise JetBlue, and despise Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines.

But if you took to the sky in 2021, JetBlue might have let you down — with large numbers of brutal, hours-long delays and frustrating cancellations, according to a new study.

The Long Island City, New York-based airline recently dropped to the lowest spot on The Wall Street Journal’s annual ranking of U.S. airlines, falling behind both Spirit and Frontier. American Airlines almost incurred a similar fate, tying with Frontier for third-to-last.

Delta Air Lines claimed the top spot on the list, followed by Alaska Airlines and Southwest Airlines.”

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