Ukraine vows to keep its airspace open despite tensions with Russia, Kyiv remains open

From the BBC:

“Ukraine is taking moves to keep its airspace open after KLM became the first major airline to suspend flights to the capital Kyiv.

It comes as tensions over Russia’s military build-up on Ukraine’s border intensify despite diplomatic efforts to ease the situation.

Ukraine said it was ready to assume financial obligations for flight safety in the country’s airspace.”

Read the full report:

Boryspil Airport issued this statement:

Boryspil International Airport operates normally.

Ensuring the full high level of air security is due to the coordinated work of the whole team.

Given the contradictory information and the general tense situation around Ukraine, the General Director of the airport Oleksiy Dubrevsky addressed his colleagues:

Dear employees of Boryspil International Airport!

There is a lot of different information around us, and it seems that things are happening that we are not able to influence.

But this is not the case! The airport continues to operate normally, ensuring the safety and comfort of our passengers and a standardized level of flight safety in accordance with all international requirements.

The management of the airport emphasizes that the uninterrupted work of our company is ensured by coordinated and highly professional work of the airport staff, for which – special thanks to all employees without exception!

We are the face of the country. Now the whole world is watching us. Temporary challenges encourage us to work even harder, because it’s not just about our country’s image in the world – it’s about people.

We are with you and Ukraine! Keep calm, support each other, work calmly and look to the future! No external destabilizing actions will affect our work and the belief that everything will be fine!

Flights today from Boryspil Airport today:

Flight Time Destination Airline Terminal Gate Status
PS 9719 15:25 Prague Ukraine International Airlines D D7 Boarding Completed
7W 103 15:25 Dnipro Wind Rose D D22 Boarding Completed
OK 919 15:25 Prague CSA Czech Airlines D D7 Boarding Completed
BT 403 15:30 Riga Air Baltic D D4 Boarding
PS 9413 15:30 Riga Ukraine International Airlines D D4 Boarding
PS 9816 15:40 Vienna Ukraine International Airlines D D5 Boarding
OS 662 15:40 Vienna Austrian Airlines D D5 Boarding
QR 298 15:40 Doha Qatar Airways Company D Cancelled
LY 2654 16:00 Tel Aviv El Al – Israel Airlines D D2 Check-in (57-60)
TK 6881 16:05 Istanbul Turkish Airlines D D6 Boarding
FR 3138 16:10 Wroclaw Ryanair D D8 Boarding
QR 296 16:40 Doha Qatar Airways Company D D10 Check-in (49-55)
FR 7849 17:20 Bergamo Ryanair D D2 Check-in (07-12)
FR 7853 17:50 Rome Ryanair D D1 Check-in (07-12)
LX 2291 17:50 Zurich Swiss International Air Lines D D8 Check-in (37-41)
PS 3153 18:00 Warsaw Ukraine International Airlines D Cancelled
LH 1495 18:15 Frankfurt Lufthansa D D7 Check-in (37-41)
FZ 1730 18:25 Dubai Flydubai D D5 Scheduled
LO 754 18:55 Warsaw LOT Polish Airlines D D4 Scheduled
IZ 362 19:00 Tel Aviv Arkia Israel Inland Airlines D D2 Scheduled
PS 897 19:40 Chisinau Ukraine International Airlines D D10 Scheduled
PS 777 20:00 Tel Aviv Ukraine International Airlines D D9 Scheduled
PS 53 20:10 Odesa Ukraine International Airlines D D17 Scheduled
PS 611 20:10 Yerevan Ukraine International Airlines D D6 Scheduled
FR 2741 20:10 Karlsruhe/Baden Baden Ryanair D D8 Scheduled
7W 125 20:10 Odesa Wind Rose D D17 Scheduled
TP 6751 20:10 Odesa TAP Portugal D D17 Scheduled
PS 9085 20:10 Zaporizhzhia Ukraine International Airlines D D21 Scheduled
7W 185 20:10 Zaporizhzhia Wind Rose D D21 Scheduled
7W 105 20:20 Dnipro Wind Rose D D20 Scheduled
PS 9005 20:20 Dnipro Ukraine International Airlines D D20 Scheduled
FR 3069 20:25 Barcelona Ryanair D D1 Scheduled
PS 9045 20:25 Kharkiv Ukraine International Airlines D D22 Scheduled
7W 145 20:25 Kharkiv Wind Rose D D22 Scheduled
PS 9065 20:30 Lviv Ukraine International Airlines D D19 Scheduled
7W 165 20:30 Lviv Wind Rose D D19 Scheduled
FR 3832 20:30 Treviso Ryanair D D12 Scheduled
FR 3832 20:30 Venice Ryanair D D12 Scheduled
PS 9556 20:40 Istanbul Ukraine International Airlines D D3 Scheduled
TK 460 20:40 Istanbul Turkish Airlines D D3 Scheduled
FR 3826 20:55 Naples Ryanair D D9 Scheduled
YB 1201 21:00 Beirut Bravo Airways D D16 Scheduled
FR 3077 21:15 Bratislava Ryanair D D8 Scheduled
6H 852 21:25 Tel Aviv Israir D D2 Scheduled
FR 3175 21:45 Gdansk Ryanair D D9 Scheduled
FR 7263 22:50 Krakow Ryanair D D8 Scheduled
PS 3569 23:00 Antalya Ukraine International Airlines D Scheduled
PS 3567 23:15 Antalya Ukraine International Airlines D Scheduled
FR 6918 23:20 Warsaw Ryanair D D9 Scheduled