LATAM renews its travel kits with a focus on sustainability and local design

LATAM recently presented its Travel Eco Kits, a new amenity kit concept for passengers traveling in Premium Business cabins. These kits are based on local design and gradually incorporate sustainable elements. The collectable bags are designed to be reusable and versatile with a very long lifespan, and new and exciting designs. 

Following LATAM’s commitment to eliminate single-use plastics, the bag is delivered unwrapped, and its amenities are made more environmentally friendly through the incorporation of reusable materials such as a bamboo toothbrush with a sugar cane cap.  The earplugs are wrapped in kraft paper to reduce the use of plastic materials as much as possible, and the socks and eye covers are made from recycled plastic.

The bag includes cosmetic products (hand cream, lip balm and a refreshing towel) produced by Feito Brasil, a brand certified as B Corp™ (certification that recognizes performance in financial, social and environmental sustainability). Feito Brasil prides itself on making products with a focus on sustainability. These products are cruelty-free and vegan, use natural ingredients and raw materials, and are locally produced by Brazilian artisans. 

The design of the new Travel Eco-Kits is to display the work of South American artists chosen by LATAM for their emerging trajectory and/or for being transformers of their communities. The first two artists to join this initiative are Tomás Olivos (Chile) and Hamilton Aguiar (Brazil). The following designs will be by artists from Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Argentina.

Passengers on the Santiago de Chile – Madrid – Santiago de Chile and São Paulo/Guarulhos – Miami – São Paulo/Guarulhos routes will be the first to receive the new Travel Eco Kits during on-board service, which will be progressively implemented on remaining routes during 2022.

With this initiative, LATAM intends to take another step forward in its sustainability strategy, focused on generating environmental and social value in the community, and promoting social, environmental and economic development in the countries where it operates. 

 About the artists:


● Visual artist born in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) in 1965.

● His work is clearly inspired by natural beauty, with a transcendent quality that cannot be imitated.

● He has participated in individual and collective exhibitions throughout his thirty-year career, with notable exhibitions in galleries in Germany, Korea, Sweden, Canada, and Singapore, among others.

● His work is displayed by important galleries and exhibition spaces of contemporary art in Latin America and the United States. It has been exhibited at international fairs and is part of important collections of contemporary art, both public and private.



● Chilean illustrator born in Santiago in 1987. He currently resides in Barcelona.

● Author of the books “Abecedario Ilustrado” (2018) and “El gran Espíritu” (2019), in addition to participating in publishing projects in Spain, Argentina, Chile, among others.

● He has a special obsession with nature and loves to draw characters with long arms and very small faces. His source of inspiration is strongly related to his own anatomy: “I have short legs and arms, it may be a reflection of the complex I have with my body.”