Ukraine International to wet lease its grounded fleet

Ukraine International Airlines (Kyiv), due to Putin’s unprovoked attack of Ukraine and the closed airspace, is now offering to charter out and wet lease its aircraft fleet to keep the airline alive.
The airline made this short statement:
“UIA now has the opportunity to offer airlines and partners to join the economic support of Ukraine, taking advantage of the availability of UIA aircraft for charter and humanitarian flights outside Ukraine and concluding “wet leasing” agreements.”
Previously the flag carrier made this announcement on its continued grounding:
Taking into account the current military-political situation, Ukraine International Airlines extends the suspension of regular and charter flights from/to Ukraine until 23:59 April 15, 2022 Kyiv time.
UIA emphasizes that it stays in touch and will continue to stay in touch with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine. Given the difficult situation under martial law, the air carrier draws attention to the possibility of forced delays and feedback complications on the service channels of communication with passengers and counts on understanding.
UIA aircraft photo gallery: