Utair transfers 50 leased aircraft to the Russian register, withdraws 9 Boeing 737NG aircraft

Utair issued this statement:

In order to reply to the multiple inquiries on the below, we would like to hereby inform that the Company has received a notice from the Bermuda Aviation Authorities on suspension of the Bermuda registered aircraft Certificates of Airworthiness.

“In response we have immediately restricted flight operations of these aircraft. As always Utair performs flights in strict compliance with the Russian and international regulations and does not permit any violations in the scope of its activities,” explains Oleg Semenov, President of UTair Airlines. “We started transferring aircraft to the Russian Register as early as last year, and as of March 14 we have accomplished the transfer of the whole fleet, including long-range wide-body Boeing 767s. The existing fleet of 50 Russian registered airplanes is sufficient for uninterrupted support of our passengers and customers.”

The Company has transferred 50 aircraft to the Russian Register. These aircraft perform regular flights as per Utair’s route network both inside Russia and abroad.

Earlier due to the requirements of the owners and lessors, as well as pursuant to the signed contracts, and Russian and international laws the Company withdrew from operations all 9 Boeing 737NG aircraft that were used under the operating leasing agreements.

The Company is essential in provision of passenger and cargo transportation services in various regions of Russia, especially in hard-to-reach areas of the North. The Company’s air transport support is crucial for the exploration, production and transportation of hydrocarbons in Western and Eastern Siberia.