Frontier Airlines announces ‘Bori’ as the name for the Puerto Rican Coquí Llanero to be on an upcoming plane tail

Frontier Airlines today announced the name of the coquí llanero that will be featured on the tail of a future Frontier aircraft. Consumers were invited to choose the name through a social media campaign with ‘Bori,’ short for “Boricua,” winning the popular vote. Boricua is derived from “Borikén,” (the Taino Indian name for the Island) and used to describe a person from Puerto Rico by birth or descent.

Frontier’s Coquí Llanero Plane Tail
Last month, Frontier announced the winner of its Tropical Tails contest, which invited consumers to choose the next endangered animal to be featured on the tail of a Frontier aircraft. There were more than 86,000 votes received during the contest period and the coquí llanero, a tiny tree frog found in Puerto Rico, was deemed the winner. Consumers were then invited to help name the coquí via a social media contest which recently concluded. Choices included ‘Rios,’ ‘Atabey,’ and ‘Bori’ with ‘Bori’ receiving the most votes.

The Puerto Rican lowland coquí is one of the smallest tree frogs in the world. Mature llaneros are no wider than a dime and generally yellowish in color. Their tiny stature squeezes their vocal range into the highest pitch of almost any frog – just barely audible to human ears, making the sound they are so famously known for and named after — “Ko-Kee.” The coquí llanero is listed as endangered under the U.S. Endangered Species Act.

Frontier currently serves Puerto Rico from 13 destinations in the U.S. and Caribbean.


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