Global Crossing Airlines announces wet lease of first Airbus A321 freighter to Avianca

Global Crossing Airlines (GlobalX) has announced the signing of a multiple-year charter agreement for its first Airbus A321 Passenger-to-Freighter (P2F) aircraft entering service to an affiliate of Avianca Cargo to support its North American and Latin America cargo programs.

The aircraft, which marks the beginning of the Company’s XCargo™ division, is the first of thirteen (13) firm agreements with lessors, as well as seven (7) additional commitments to acquire and convert Airbus A321s in its P2F program.

GlobalX intends to bring all of these future converted aircraft to market between October 2022 and the end of calendar year 2024.

Terms of the agreement allow Avianca Cargo to wet lease or charter up to four additional freighters from GlobalX over the next five years. The aircraft will be the first A321 Freighter to be operated by a U.S. airline.

GlobalX aircraft photo gallery: