JAC unveils a special heart design on ATR 42-600 JA11JC “ecoPROP”


Japan Air Commuter-JAC has added a special design to its ATR 42-600 (JA11JC).

According to the airline (translated):

With the message of valuing nature, we decided to design a special painting in the shape of a heart with “leaves” that symbolize the environment (leaves of “Kaikouzu”, a prefectural tree in Kagoshima Prefecture).

With this introduction, JAC will be the 11th ATR aircraft in total, including the two ATR72-600 aircraft.

JAC operates in many areas rich in nature, including Yakushima, Amami Oshima / Tokunoshima, and Okinawa Island, which are registered as World Natural Heritage Sites. Turboprop aircraft with lower CO2 emissions are nature-friendly and eco-friendly aircraft. is. With the idea of ​​valuing nature and passing it on to the next generation, we designed the aircraft with the letters “ecoPROP” and leaves in the shape of a heart.

JAC will continue to pursue the maintenance of the remote island network and further convenience as a wing of the region, deliver safe and secure air travel, and work on regional promotion.

Akira Uekawa reporting from Japan.

Top Copyright Photo: JAL – Japan Air Commuter ATR 42-600 JA11JC (msn 1611) ITM (Akira Uekawa). Image: 957904.

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